March 7

Do you know what you don't know?


Do you feel like you want to get more out of your life? Do you want more free time, satisfaction or simply happier? But you wonder, "How !?"

If you bring life back to basics, you can say that life is based on three main pillars, namely: time, energy and information. Time and energy are more or less given to you at birth. That is very nice, but on the other hand it is also a pitfall. Because of everything we have been given, we are often not aware of the value.

Everyone has an amount of life time that slowly decreases. Although the time ticking cannot be completely stopped, we do have influence on the amount of time available. If we live healthy, create a good balance between work and free time & give and receive a lot of love, our life expectancy is many times higher than if we smoke, drink excessively, eat poor food and constantly perform under stress. 

Positive thinking directly affects our life expectancy. Old people who no longer like life die much faster than the positive elderly people who are full of life energy. So life time is more or less controllable, but you have to do something for it. A positive attitude works wonders!

Energy is intangible, but certainly an aspect that you can increase with your consciousness. I myself had a huge burnout and then discovered that energy is an essential part of life. Without energy, time and information are useless. It is even very frustrating that you want to do things, but you can not because you simply do not have the energy. 

The amount of energy can also be increased. The statement that you have less energy at your disposal as you age is a myth. It is true that many people experience this and suffer from it. But there is also age-old information available with which you always have an unlimited amount of energy. It is a lack of information, not a given of the aging human body. During the burnout I did a training where I got rid of my complaints within a week. Yes you can! This knowledge also allows me to control the amount of life energy.

Information is the third component. You are nowhere without information. If you have all the time in the world, full of energy, but you don't know what to do with it, you will run around this world like a head without a chicken. As Jim Rohn said, 'If you motivate an idiot, you've got a motivated idiot. Education is the key, not motivation! '

Information is offered continuously from birth. Your parents teach you how it works in this world. They have learned that from their parents and in this way the information is passed on from generation to generation. Your other family, friends, teachers, television and radio also bombard you with information every day. 

You create your belief system from all those sources of information. But is all this information you have stored during your life correct? As a child, you assume that your parents know everything and that what they know is also true. The problem with parents in general is that they don't know what they don't know. They have put that knowledge on something and have taken it for granted. 

Even doctors don't know everything. My doctor apparently knew nothing about the training to get rid of a burnout within 1 week. She said it would take at least 1.5 years and I would probably never get rid of it completely. Petra was diagnosed with ADD and used medicines that her doctor said she should use for the rest of her life. She also completely got rid of these complaints with the training. We have learned from our parents that the doctor is always right, but being a little stubborn proves the opposite.

You must have learned that you have to work hard for your money. And that other ways of making money that yield a good or excellent return are 'too good to be true'. And that if you try this, you will certainly lose money. Whether you want to get rid of annoying ailments or make money in another way does not matter. It is important to check that the information on which your belief system is based is correct. Otherwise it can get in the way of your development.

If you properly combine the components of time, energy and information in your life, you can create anything you want. Really everything!

During a personal development training session I sat in a crowded room where George Zulucki gave his speech. The statement I will never forget is, "Everything what the mind can believe and conceive can be achieved." The right combination of time, energy and information creates awareness, health, vision, wealth, happiness, abundance, etc. In short, everything you can imagine can be created. The condition is that you believe it unconditionally. 

It takes time to create. That is why time is our most important asset. Really! I can't say it often enough. TIME IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT PROPERTY !!! You can make more of everything, but the time that has passed is gone forever! The more time we have available, the more we can potentially create. 

It is a great pity that many young people undervalue time terribly. Probably because time is a fixed given to them that seems infinite. After all, they are still young and they feel they have plenty of time. "Oh, it will all come later ..." they say.

What a missed opportunity! Because the earlier the seed is planted, the bigger the tree can grow. When the consciousness comes that time is up earlier than previously thought, there is often regret! Regret that goals have not started before and work focused on achieving them. In my view, there are 2 forms of good time use:
1. Enjoy life intensely
2. Implementing your life plan 

Information is power! 
In this era, all information is available within a few seconds. Enter your question in Google and the information will come to you in abundance. If you don't have the right information yet to create a great life, then you just haven't searched well. Or you are not yet aware that information is the key to self-liberation. Look for other options. Opportunities that enrich your life. Search and you will find!

In addition to an abundance of information on the Internet, the Fortunators Community provides a wealth of information in the field of personal development. We, Petra and Paul, as founders of this non-profit community have collected, implemented and successfully lived through a lot of information through our own life experience. Now we share that information to let as many people as possible benefit from our journey. With our seminars, training courses, blogs, e-books and other online content, we want to make as much information as possible accessible to anyone who wants to develop themselves towards a happier life. 

The Fortunators Community strives to give as many people as possible the opportunity to develop. The highest goal is completely free living in health! Because good health is also a form of freedom.If you want to get more out of your life, come to our seminars on financial freedom, personal development and vitality.

Share our community with your friends. Because say for yourself: "Isn't it much more fun and fun to reach the top together than alone?"

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