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Do you want to be

Happy, Healthy, 

Wealthy and Free? 

Join the

Fortunators Community

Compass for your Ideal Life

What do you need to
live from your heart? 

More free time?
Financial peace?
Retire early?
Together: Unite2BeFree

Better Health?
Rest in your head?
More energy?
Living your ideal life?

Wonderful article that describes what our Community is also doing.
Click on the picture to read the article.


Step 1 - Expand your knowledge!

Do you want things different in your life?
Free money does not exist, passive income does. What exactly is that? How can you get this? How can you become financially free and lead your ideal life?

FREE E-book
Financial Freedom,
Ready inside 5 years'

Step 2 - Make your Plan!

This workshop is worth GOLD! Make your personal plan and get an overview of how you can achieve this. Action is key. Work with a buddy for 90% more chance of success!

Online Workshop
"The Journey to Financial Independence,

Make your plan!

Free with Premium / Vip subscription, otherwise € 7.50 

Step 3 - Visualize your Ideal Life

What would you do or want with your life if time and money were not an issue?
Dare to dream!

Map this out by making a list, a mind map and visualize your ideal life by making a vision board. Want to get creative together? Then join the workshop making vision board.

'Visualize your Ideal life'

€ 5,- with Premium / Vip subscription, otherwise € 12.50 
(incl. coffee / tea & linen cloth)

Step 4 - Develop the right mindset

Do you have the right mindset for financial independence?
Do you already think in abundance? Do you believe that there is always scarcity? Are you surrounded by positive people?

Online Training
Free your Mind for 

Financial Freedom

Free with Premium / Vip subscription,
otherwise € 7.50

Step 5 - Come to the Live Events

Team members share their passion with the group in the form of an activity, such as a singing bowl session, music evening, dance evening or ..... Maybe you have an interesting passion that you want to share.

We still prefer meeting each other, so we certainly do part of the training live. Both the passion evenings and our trainings are announced via the newsletter, so register now to stay informed! 


Live Events
Live Training


Passion Evenings *

Free with Premium / Vip subscription,

otherwise € 12.50 
(incl. coffee / tea)

* Price passion evenings may vary
because of extra costs

These people preceded you:


'Never the same again'

Which adolescent isn't struggling? I always thought: when I grow up the answers will come. Unfortunately ...

At the beginning of my personal coaching conversation, Petra told me:
"Koen, are you ready to NEVER be the same again?"

Well, they OVERDELIVERED on that promise! Since then I've become a totally different person! The training about money and the specialist training are real gold.

Outside of guidance, they also teach you to implement new techniques and they deliver immediate results!

The Fortunators help you to tackle not only your dreams but also your beliefs,
so you can live a better, nicer, more beautiful and more vital life.
Who would not want that?

I've tried several trainers, coaches and other gurus, but I've never felt more at home than here. The atmosphere will amaze you and make you feel at home quickly!

My dream?
Speak, motivate and enjoy!
I also want to keep growing in the catering freak!

Koen van Rooij -
Horeca Freak


"What I find most valuable is my personal growth on the path to Freedom."

Before I joined the Fortunators, I often had a feeling of financial shortage,
every month I was worried about paying bills and the future.
Now I have a completely new vision on finance and I am working on mine
financial freedom.
I experience the meetings with like-minded people at the Fortunators as nourishing.
What I find most valuable is my personal growth on the path to Freedom.
Sharing together is healing together!
I recommend the Fortunators since the first training I followed with Paul and Petra in the summer of 2019.
They convey essential knowledge that we should learn in school.
They are skilled, very warm people with their heart in the right place. This made me feel at home with the Fortunators from minute one.

At my first meeting I felt that Paul has a special key.
The key to Freedom.
He wants nothing more than to share his knowledge, he is authentic and you can feel it.
This also applies to Petra, a sweet sincere woman with a very nice mission. I also had with her
a good click right away.
My dream?
Collaborate! Helping people on their way to financial freedom, living from passion and inner drive! That everyone can live their own unique talent,
without worrying about money. Then we live in a much more beautiful world! I believe in that!

Masja Hazendonk -
Energetic Masseur


Before I joined the Fortunators,
I looked for a new direction
in my life. The community brought me great new friends with them
nose the same way.

I started developing activities that I always thought were interesting, but which I had never started before.
That happens when you grow together.
I am very happy with the handles that the community offers for the people
around me.

I learned how to create my future from an early age and I am a positive person, I look at life with humor.
At the same time, I am goal-oriented and try to learn and grow as much as possible from every situation.
Sometimes this is difficult to explain to others and sometimes I feel that I have to "defend" myself.

Now I like to encourage them to take the reins into my own hands as well
attend the seminars and training sessions of the Fortunators, to hear new things about life,
after which you decide whether you want to do something with this information or not.
Self-enrichment is the best thing there is.

The intentions of Paul and Petra are pure and positive, so a go for the Fortunators Community!

My dream?
It follows.

Maikel Kappen 
Horeca Entrepreneur

We believe that 

the truth is always simple

and must be accessible

for everyone!

Do you sometimes wonder:

- how to create more free time? 

- how to get more balance in your life?

- how to improve your relationship with your partner or with your children?

- how to enjoy life more?

- how to get more energy?

- how to get peace of mind?

Then you will occasionally sit with your hands in your hair and ask yourself: "Why didn't I learn that at school?" Nowadays there are courses everywhere, but we nowhere learn how life works.  Do you know that you have much more influence on the many facets of life than is often thought? It is often the information that is missing, on important topics such as: parenting, money, passive income, staying healthy, resting in your head, staying young and life in general. 

We develop activities such as seminars, training and research methods to actually change our lives. From our years of personal development, knowledge & experience and that of many specialized well-known writers & trainers.

It is our mission to help as many people as possible develop so that they get their lives in balance and thereby take it to a higher level, to be really happy.

Paul & Petra,
Specialists in Personal Growth & Development

Develop together in a cozy, familiar environment
At the Fortunators you meet like-minded people, people who want to grow and live their lives to the fullest.
People who want to make their dreams come true for a better life for themselves and for the world around them.
People who want to color the world a bit more beautiful.
It is best to develop together!
Help each other, share experiences, make discoveries and get out of your comfort zone.
It is so much easier with like-minded people who understand and support you.
Number of members: over 1,600


"Loyalty, support and team focus"
I find that in this community!
How? Quite simply ... gathering financial intelligence, within a driven support group.
You often don't see the forest anymore because of the enormous opportunity to invest through the trees!
Where to start ... and above all: what suits me, my wallet and my wishes? Because everyone wants something different in life.

The Fortunators help you to unravel this first, then you will build on your financial freedom .....
Knowledge is THE key!
For me, the investment is secondary to the group of people with whom I do this together.
The leaders and the group are loyal, supportive, team-oriented and driven, you want to be there!

My dream? Wake up in 3 years with the sun on my head,
the feet in the white sand, looking at the blue sea ...
and in my journey here
shake up and move as many people as possible!

Rebecca Eliazer - Purser


"Dare to dream ..."
My wife and I both have a good full-time job and are not short of anything. However, we see our colleagues more than each other.  This has been gnawing at me for years.

Ever since we got to the Fortunators, we realize you have a choice, life doesn't happen to you, you make it happen. That realization is so liberating, stress points become motivation points, you realize that things can be done differently, if you want to learn, if you want to dare ...

That's what I learned at the Fortunators.
I feel liberated and have an unprecedented motivation. Awesome! In this year at the Fortunators, I took the bull by the horns and life smiles again instead of feeling like a grind.

Maurice Zoontjes - Security officer


"Heart in the right place, beautiful intention, authentic and genuine ..."

I am a real dreamer and idealist.
In order to free up space and energy for my mission, I had to create financial freedom. I found answers at the Fortunators Community. The training gives me so much knowledge, ideas, confidence, peace and personal growth. Really awesome :)

And then all the sweet and like-minded people I meet on this special trip! My life is so much richer and I see great future opportunities. I recommend everyone to check out the Fortunators!

I immediately felt at home with Paul and Petra. Warm people, business sense and the heart in the right place.
A fun and airy atmosphere, with room for questions and connection.

My dream?
Inspiring people to stand in their own strength. Radiant, healthy & infectious. And so the world becomes more and more beautiful :).

Matthijs  Schoonhoven 
Entrepreneur, Inspirator

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