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We are happy to help you create the life of your dreams.

After a number of setbacks and health problems, we completely changed our lives in 2017/2018 to create happiness, health, abundance and especially freedom. This happened unexpectedly quickly and successfully. Reason for us to share our experience, knowledge and passion. Our dreams? You can read it below.

Petra & Paul

It started with forming the right mindset, which brought us into contact with the right people and allowed us to take unexpected steps. And then ... wow, our whole life changed. We realized that sometimes things are so much simpler than we learned as a child.

Read about our dreams & mission here. Also meet our team who support us with marketing, communication, (member) administration, event planning & automation. In addition, you will get to know more and more enthusiastic and active community members, such as through the
testimonials on this website and at training courses, webinars and events.

These activities are there to help you develop so that we can take steps together towards a free life. Meanwhile, the community has grown to more than 3,000 people who like to be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Free.

Ps People often ask, how did you get the name Fortunators? This one comes from Goddess Fortuna, or Fanum Fortunae, the Roman goddess of chance or fate. With the Fortunators, take fate in your own hands!


Founder, Marketing Communication, 

Trainer, Writer, Speaker

My dream...
is that our children have a happy, healthy,
lead abundant & free life. On a healthy planet.
For this it is important that we, parents, us
develop into the best version of ourselves.
After all, children don't do what you tell them to do,

 but they do exactly what you do!
That is why I keep enriching myself with information of which I say:
"WOW, what if I learned this in school ?!"
and I apply it in my life and I gladly share it with you.
Meanwhile is enjoying life more and more
I like to see more of the world, together with Paul and
our children and supporters.

It's my mission ....

that we, parents and teachers, find the way to get the best out of our children, that we become aware of the special role we have in their children's lives.
And that it is best fulfilled by self control over our own lives

take it into your own hands.
The information and knowledge that I acquire and apply in
I love to share my life with the world and
our community in particular.
On stage, in training, coaching & in books.


Founder, System Specialist,
Trainer, Coach, Writer, Speaker

My dream...
Make 100,000 million people aware of things

that we don't learn at school. 

In addition, being happy with the people around me, with my girlfriend, family and friends.

It's my mission ....
Recently I heard that my energy number within Feng Shui is number 1, which stands for Wealth Creator.
Who would have thought that during my 25-year singing career?
When during the last crisis my pension turned out to have evaporated,
I started to study money, create money and in abundance.
When Petra and I achieved financial freedom in the astonishingly short time of 1 year, I knew what to do:
other people learn how they too can live in abundance.
First in the field of money, but certainly also in the field of
freedom, happiness and health.


Marketing Communication, Member Administration,

Event Planning, Automation

After 25 years in international business, I am in 2015 started looking for freedom.
By trial and error I learned to become financially independent.  
Mainly kicking the habit of what society you impose, 
I found quite a challenge.

My dream... 
is to travel wonderfully and to blend in with others  
cultures and to do so soon with my grandchildren. Wonderfully free and discover how the world works.  Looking for the beauty of life.

It's my mission ...
to live in balance with nature and the
world better than it is now. 
It is good for me to be in a community,  where many more people work on their dream while creating a better world. Together we let this community grow and we work on a happy, healthy, wealthy and free world!


Operational Management, Personal Assistant,

Event planner

My dream... 
Is to have the world for your backyard,
To travel and live in different places.
To start a family and to give my children the same. The freedom and diversity of the world with a free way of thinking. As my parents passed this on to me. And most importantly, be happy!
And pass on this happiness to as many people as possible.

It's my mission ...
To create the best environment for my children and to educate them multicultural and multilingual. Full of love and happiness that they can use and pass on in their lives.

To keep growing and developing in my life
and to find the way to my contribution in our society. By doing what I enjoy doing and what I'm good at and inspiring people around me.


Business Innovation, Admin & Automation

My dream... 
Is to live a nice life, to enjoy and to travel. Have fun and party with my girlfriend and friends.
I have yet to find my great passion and with that will come that beautiful dream.

It's my mission ... 
To inspire people to enjoy life and above all not to be taken too seriously. We can all have more fun
too often the emphasis is on working and making money. In doing so, we lose sight of other important things. Within this community it is big picture important, and that's why  I like to commit myself to it.

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